About Us

The waste of non-expired, viable medication is an increasing problem within the developing world. Consequently, $2 billion in prescription drugs is wasted annually in the US alone, and nearly $5 billion worth of drugs in unopened packs are dumped in the garbage every year. Much of this medication is disposed of improperly, either by being flushed down the toilet or incinerated, leading to unforeseen negative impacts on the environment. Despite this waste, drug shortages have been occurring frequently around the world, particularly in developing nations. In desperation, many people within these nations end up purchasing unsafe counterfeit drugs, resulting in 100,000 to a million deaths per year.

The James Hollister Wellness Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in October 2015 in honor of James Hollister, the late father of co-founder Matthew Hollister. Along with our partnered beneficiary corporation, Save Inc., the James Hollister Wellness Foundation offers a novel solution to the world’s drug shortage crisis that will save billions of dollars’ worth of medication and, more importantly, millions of lives. 

With our partnership with Save Inc., the James Hollister Wellness Foundation is able to save medication from being needlessly wasted and put it to charitable use. Using blockchain technology, drugs can be identified, saved, and then donated, bringing life-saving medication to low-income individuals in developing nations who otherwise would not have access to healthcare services.

How we work

Medications and supplies donated to the James Hollister Wellness Foundation are sorted, cataloged, stored and entered into an electronic database. Medical mission teams, nonprofit organizations, and charities contact us to obtain medical supplies that will be needed for service trips to developing countries.

Any organization that is looking for our assistance must submit an application for approval before medications can be ordered. Once an application is approved, a licensed, advising physician or medical team leader may then submit a formal request for medications from the JHWF’s inventory.

The requested pharmaceuticals will be shipped to the approved organization based on the date of the intended medical missions trip. The supplies can then be hand-carried by members of the team to their respective destinations where low-income individuals are in need of medical attention.

Our business model

The James Hollister Wellness Foundation employs an innovative hybrid model with Save Inc, our for-profit sister organization that shares our mission of reducing medicinal waste. The foundation collects medication from Save Inc. as well as other pharmacies local to the DC metropolitan area.

The medication we receive from our partners is surplus, unopened, and unexpired medicine from pharmacies, hospital networks, and nursing homes that would have otherwise been thrown away. These medications are in turn given to our partnered medical mission teams operating in Honduras, Ghana, and Bolivia.

All the teams we support directly serve the end-user, and the medicine is handled solely by licensed practitioners of medicine. Because of our relationship with Save Inc, we are able to provide all of our medicine to our partnered medical mission teams at significantly reduced rates or, in some cases, free of charge.

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