In 1979, Congress passed a law that required drug manufacturers to stamp an expiration date on their products, detailing when the manufacturer can still guarantee the full potency and safety of the drug. Most of what is known about the accuracy of drug expiration dates comes from a study conducted by the FDA at the request of the military. The study found that 90% of more than 100 drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter, were perfectly good to use even 15 years after passing their expiration dates. 
Consequently, as much as $5 billion a year in medications are being wasted according to one research study conducted by the University of Chicago. Disposing of these unused medications can have unintentional negative impacts on our environment and health. For example, one in three water samples contains hormones widely used in pharmaceuticals, and medical waste incinerators release dioxins, a highly toxic pollutant that can cause cancer and harm the immune system, into the atmosphere. 
The James Hollister Wellness Foundation is a non-profit organization that intends to save viable medications that have passed their expiration date from being wasted, prove their potency according to FDA standards, and then use these medications for charitable purposes. The medications we collect will be sent to developing countries whose populace does not have easy access to healthcare. Our non-profit will be working with charity groups, church groups, and service organizations that work in countries like El Salvador, Honduras, and Bolivia. We will be supplying these organizations with the necessary medications needed to conduct their service work, so that they can personally work with low-income individuals and tend to their healthcare needs.  
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  Using an innovative business model, JHWF saves viable medications that have passed their expiration date from being wasted, proves their potency according to FDA standards, and donates these unused medicines rather than destroy them.
    Organizations and companies who donate to us not only save lives by donating their medications, but also save time and money over destroying them which is often costly and time-consuming. 
    Our program enables us to use these donations from pharmaceutical companies to supply medical mission teams that serve the poor in developing countries with medications. 

 Matthew James Hollister
Matthew J. Hollister is the co-founder and CEO of the James Hollister Wellness Foundation. He is a native of Olney, Maryland.
He is currently attending the University of Maryland, where he  is a member of the Primannum Honor Society and the Public Leadership Scholars' Program. He is currently studying to earn his Bachelor’s degree in General Biology with a minor in General Business.
In addition to being the CEO of the James Hollister Wellness Foundation, Matthew is also the co-founder and COO of SAVE, INC. Living a life in service to others has always been Matthew’s passion. 
Stefano Brugnerotto
Stefano Brugnerotto is the co-founder and CFO of the James Hollister Wellness Foundation. An entrepreneur from birth, the North Bethesda, Maryland native has spent his life doing business to satisfy others.
An International Baccalaureate degree recipient, he is currently an undergraduate finance student at Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland.
Stefano also serves as CEO of Save, INC, a for-profit partner with the JHWF. He is dedicated to ensuring access to pharmaceuticals worldwide and eliminating medicinal waste.
 Ray McEvoy 

Ray McEvoy is the Secretary on the Board of Directors for the James Hollister Wellness Foundation. While being a business oriented professional, Ray has a strong Jesuit education.

Having graduated from Xavier High School in Manhattan and continued his studies as a finance major in Loyola University of Maryland, Ray is very well-rounded from his studies. He has shown a strong dedication to giving back to the community. Ray has volunteered to those in need by building houses in Alabama and Mexico as well as working in for the VA in Brooklyn. Ray has always shown his commitment to being a man for others.

Ray has continued his involvement in the business world by interning for Starr Companies in Manhattan over the past couple of years.


What is JHWF? 
  JHWF stands for the James Hollister Wellness Foundation. The JHWF is a 501(c)3non-profit organization that saves viable medications that have passed their expiration date from being wasted, proves their potency according to FDA standards, and then uses these medications for charitable purposes. The medications we collect are sent to developing countries whose populace do not have easy access to healthcare.
Where is the JHWF located?
  Our headquarters is located in Baltimore, where we store the medications we collect in cool conditions and away from light exposure. 
When and how was the JHWF founded?
  The JHWF was co-founded by Matthew James Hollister and Stefano Brugnerotto in the Fall of 2015. Originally, the idea started as a university project for a class Matthew was taking at the University of Maryland. Gradually Stefano and Matthew developed the project into a long-term venture that became the James Hollister Wellness Foundation.
Who is the JHWF named after?
  Co-founder Stefano Brugnerotto had the idea to name our organization after co-founder Matthew Hollister’s father who died of cancer late in the Summer of 2015. His virtuous life and memory inspired the JHWF’s co-founders to help serve the sick and underprivileged in any way that they could. James Hollister continues to be the heart and soul of the organization.
Who is on the board of the JHWF?
  Please visit our Team Page to learn more about our members and see their bios.
In what states does the JHWF operate? 
  As of now we only operate in Maryland.
Are you available for media interviews?  
  Yes, please contact mailto:Matthew@JHWF.org
Who benefits from the JHWF’s services?
  The JHWF’s services benefit all who take part in them
Pharmacies/Health Facilities
  Reduce drug destruction costs.
    Eliminate inefficient drug destruction processes to free up staff. 
    Become a community leader in environmentally/economically sustainable practices and humanitarian efforts.  
    Receive tax deductions for the donations they provide.  
Medical Mission Teams
  Enjoy access to free, safe, and potent medications.
    Have assurance through our transparent company policy that donated medications have been examined and maintained according to quality standards. 
Community Members & Overseas Patients
  Enjoy cleaner air and water due to a decrease in improper disposal of medication.
    Experience fewer drug shortages. 
    Cut down on the billions of dollars spent every year on avoidable trips to the emergency room due to lack of necessary medication. 
    Improve the health, and even save the lives, of low-income individuals in foreign countries who don’t have easy access to healthcare services. 
Can I donate medicine? 
  Unfortunately, due to safety and tampering concerns, we can not accept donations of medications from individuals. However, if you would like to donate your time or money to the JHWF then please see the Volunteer and Donations forms linked above.
What kind of organization is the JHWF?
  The James Hollister Wellness Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.